Paytm and Paytm Mall Best for Recharges, Bill Payments & Shopping

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In some of the recent reports, it was found that most of the Indian citizens weren’t very familiar with Paytm or its services for that matter, until demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes came like the wind and shook the country by its roots, in November of 2016. And, once people got familiarized with the concept of “Payment Through Mobile” (literally and figuratively), they couldn’t think of taking a five-rupee coin or a ten-rupee note out just to pay for even the simplest of things like a cup of tea or a bar of KitKat. It became so much fun, just to wave the flashing mobile at the face of the cashier and scan the Paytm QR code on their desk and laugh away in glee.

“How undemanding was the entire process…”, their thoughts would echo and would go on to mentally throw fists in the air.

This would come as a surprise to most of the Indians- Paytm is nothing new. In fact, it was always there (at least from 2010) and it was made use of the majority of the population who usually lived and breathed technology. But it’s true that Paytm became the wave only post-demonetization, the historical event that marked the beginning of many unforgettable journeys in India (yes, including Jio).

Why don’t we dig a little deeper and learn about Paytm and its background for once and for all?

Paytm- Background 

Paytm was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010 and it had initially begun as a prepaid mobile recharge website, mothered by One97 Communications Limited. It comes in the category of e-commerce and e-payments and its roots can be traced back to Delhi, NCR, India. Currently, it houses more than 13,000 employees and is accredited to have 3 million offline merchants across the country. Paytm majorly prioritizes the aim of a ‘cashless economy’.  Their hottest features are the Paytm Payment Gateway and the Paytm Wallet.


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1. Sharp Routing- This particular system ensures the best class rates while dealing with integrated bank transactions. Besides this, it’s also possible to vigorously swap between gateways and card network.
2. Payment Modes- It has already established links with every debit/credit card there is, 50+ Netbanking, UPI, EMI and other Paytm tools, like Payments bank and Paytm Wallet.
3. Saved Cards- Start making use of India’s largest depot of saved and secured cards for payments in your area.
4. Potent Repertoire- This would render you with customized reports that would help you keep track of your domain’s growth. You can also interact with your customers and build bonds while you are at it.

● Paytm Wallet  

Paytm Wallet is the digital payment tool which can be used to carry out transactions for the purpose of paying for Mobile Recharge, Utility Bill Payments , Insurance payments etc.
You can also Pay and book bus/train/flight/hotel rooms’ tickets, etc and the list of what you can achieve if you’ve got a Paytm Wallet is quite a long one.
It’s possible to transfer cash from your bank account or credit card to the wallet. You can fill up the same to an amount of ₹ 10,000 in a month. If you wish to fill it up with more than ₹ 10,000, you may access the KYC option and get the processor help you out. Once that’s done, you can load your wallet up to ₹ 1 lakh.

How to use a Paytm Wallet?

You can get to this by following these steps below:
1. You have to begin by setting up a Paytm account using your email ID and your mobile number.
2. Using the net banking or credit card option, start piling up your Paytm Wallet.
3. If you want to process a transaction to transfer cash to someone else, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option.
4. Once you have made this account, you can also do your payments elsewhere by scanning the Paytm QR code on that particular outlet.
5. It’s also possible to transfer cash to another Paytm user through their mobile number.

Paytm Mall

The success generated by the Paytm amongst its customers propelled the brand to inflate its wings in the e-commerce segment. After the Paytm app succeeded with booking, buying and renting facilities, it opened up an entirely new app and website for the sole purpose of catering toward its customers with an online marketplace business. This certainly eases up the life of every shopaholic out there!
There are over 1.4 millions sellers, selling their goods on Paytm Mall. They deal with various categories like fashion, electronics, consumer durables, and home furnishings. The quality of the goods is the reassuring sort as Paytm has got a screening process by which they only select the top-notch products. They have got strict guidelines and a qualification criterion which makes it truly hard for any enterprise to barge in if they wish to.
Albeit Paytm Mall technically drives focus on the branded companies and their services, there is another section titled as Paytm ‘Bazaar’, which motivates the small sellers to come up front with their services.

How to pay at Paytm Mall?

You can either pay through your Paytm Wallet or your credit/debit card as there are all options available on the platform which would surely meet your convenience.


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