Cashify – Sell Your Old Mobiles, Laptops, Televisions, Gaming Consoles and other electronics

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Buying and selling have become easy to the avail of, a website that lets you sell your old electronic gadgets easily within a fraction of second and detects the correct selling price of any gadget say smartphones with assured service. It tries to convince the seller with the best rates possible and once the seller gets contended the deal is finalized and the electronic gadget is taken from the seller at the desired place suggested by him and cash is given at that very time. The picking up of the gadget is done within a day or two after the deal gets finalized.

1. The website not only lets one sell the device but also enables back up of data and restoration of the new device. It also enables wiping of data from your old gadget at just one touch.

2. Easy transferring of data from one device to another with cloud backup and restoration facilities.

3. Another exciting feature is the optimization of storage, speed, and battery.

4. The app enables the Anti-virus and Anti-theft features.

5. The cashify app employs ‘Device Administrator permission’ to activate the Anti-theft feature.

Cashify Exchange Partners
Exchange partners are mandatory for any online selling app. So, incorporates ‘’, ‘Google’, and ‘’ as exchange partners. These exchange partners are best examples of a marketing tool and help in the promotion of this app.

How Cashify Works
Cashify works in three simple steps which involve –
1. Getting the device price
2. Scheduling a free pickup
3. Getting paid instantly

The first step ensures the selection of the electronic gadget that you need to sell and providing the best-assured selling price depending on the features and conditions of the device. It also compares the market price of the electronic gadgets that are presently hitting the market.

The second step deals with the finalization of the selling price. Once the favorable selling price is liked by the seller the device gets scheduled to be picked up within a given amount of time.

The next step ensures payment of cash to the seller at the time of picking up the device or through any suitable mode for payment opted by the seller. This payment procedure takes place instantly.

Use of referral codes 
The cashify app involves ‘invite and earn’ policy that gives you a discount to some extent. You can earn Paytm cash of ₹150 with each referral code. There are several apps that let you use referral codes and is no such exception.

Final Words
The cashify app is one of the convenient online selling apps assuring fast, easy and secured service. It indulges modern trends for selling of electronic gadgets and also repairs faults in them. Smartphones, laptops, tablet, television, etc can be sold and repaired at for the best-compared prices. In this generation of instant services, lets you sell your old devices without hampering your daily busy schedule. The referral codes and other inviting policies enable you to earn money and provide a perfect portal for online selling.

Here we will give you latest Cashify offer update.

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