Best Websites In India For Online Shopping

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In this world where technology is a sport under the tip of the fingers, snapping a glance and a series of clicks is only needed to get you what you want. That’s the beauty of online shopping, folks! And there are only too many shops online eager to cater to the shopaholic that resides in each one of you. Kick back your heels and scroll ahead to find out which ones are exactly the most trusted ones!

Online Shopping – This is the favourite word of every teen, businessperson, learner, and highly-acclaimed persons of this day. And, why not? You get the best, the quality is never compromised, the prices can be afforded and most of all, it’s the various offers and discounts we absolutely adore, isn’t it? It’s never disappointing, the number of items and the price tags they carry with an edge. They aren’t designed to bring a frown. Unlike those items in shopping malls that charge tax like crazy and you’ve to scratch your head at the bogus-figured prices in a frenzy and leave the mall, by putting out your tail tenderly and discreetly.

The Trending Option
It has essentially become a trend amongst the recent generations. Getting out of the home in a pair of sweats, scouring the grocery for a pack of bread and butter for breakfast in early mornings is so outdated. Instead, shooting a series of clicks on an online shopping website for a pack of cornflakes or biscuits is more convenient. And easier at that. You don’t even have to take out your wallet from your desk which is a huge effort in itself. Just mug up your credit card details and spout it off and tada! There is the box of much-awaited cornflakes right outside the door!

Might be not as dramatic but it can be said with some surety that online shopping has indeed made lives easier for us. With the success generated by each and every online vendor, more and more shops are coming up on a daily basis. Some of them might be frauds looking to fill their wallets by emptying yours, so there is a call for urgency here.

Research Well
You gotta research well. Take all your day if you must. Scrolling through any company’s background information, going through the customer reviews is sometimes not enough. You need to get on your hands and knees to get what you need. Check out if they have got credible payment methods. If something doesn’t sit well with you, regarding the payment, don’t hesitate to visit other websites out there. If you feel adamant about a particular product, then choose the Cash on the Delivery option and put your worries to sleep. If they have got no such option, it’s better to take an earlier exit rather than waiting out the storm and brewing in fearful anticipation.

Best Deals
With the growing number of online shopping websites, increases competition amongst the same. Every company is automatically encouraged to sell off goods at better offers so that they get the most number of customers. The competition will never get old, so you are at a really good place, shopaholics! You can secure the best deal by cross-checking countless websites and stay assured that you indeed got your item at the cheapest.

Final Word
Everything comes at a price so if you can stay out of landing on fraud websites, lucky you. Get good references and once you get hold of a trusted website, make sure that you’ve got their page bookmarked and that you’ve subscribed to their website to be in the know about any deals they might have in future!

Best Online Shopping Websites

Amazon is an online shopping and cloud computing e-commerce company which is delivering its service worldwide. Amazon has been in the electronic commerce business since last twenty-three years and has definitely ruled over the online networks. Amazon is largest and most prime Internet retailer in the world on the basis of its market capitalization and revenue generation.

Products at Amazon
Amazon holds the second position (after Alibaba group) in terms of total sales made globally. Amazon offers a large range of products of nearly all the segments and divisions of human lifestyle. Amazon is one of the most organized and well-arranged e-commerce websites. They also have an organized flowchart of the categories of products, which have categories such as Mobiles & Computer, TV, Home kitchen’s, Electronics, Fashion’s, Women’s fashion, Sports, Fitness, Bags, Toys, Kid’s Products, Kids Fashion, Grocery, Cars, Motorbikes, Industrial, All Books et cetera.

Amazon has attained a top position in India’s online market. Amazon has maintained its reputation of holding a massive selection and collection of products of all varieties at best prices. has managed to hold onto their customers due to its amazing and hassle-free returns policy and shipping process. They have maintained an amazing supply chain management with their logistics partners for providing their customers with services such as cash on delivery (COD) and free shipping.

Service at
Amazon has made sure to be at the apex of all e-commerce websites by giving their customers the Prime importance. Amazon has started its unique service of streaming several videos and movies via their Prime video handle. They began it under their campaign of delivering unique features and services to the Amazon prime members. This idea has been a very successful approach since it has increased the number of registered members of the website.

The prime members would also get a benefit of instant and fast delivery options of one day or two day delivery on certain products in some major one tier and two tier cities. Moreover, being a prime member would also provide an unlimited access to several television shows, movies, and prime originals with no advertisements. The user can use these services even on multiple devices with no barrier.

Offers at Amazon
Amazon has launched several services with its name to cater the needs of consumers such as Amazon exclusive (launches latest edition and models on electronic gadgets under this category), Amazon Basics (under which they sell low-end products with their brand name), Amazon Now (Instant delivery in two hours), Amazon global store (provides items especially electronics on the global market) and much more.

Amazon also offers great savings every day with their ‘Today’s Deals’ section, under which they offer attractive discounts on several low ends as well as high-end products. Moreover, Amazon has even launched their own wallet ‘AmazonPay’ to make the payment procedure hassle free for the customers.

Flipkart is one of the biggest electronic commerce websites which is efficient in delivering consumer goods from each sector of life. This e-commerce firm was founded by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal in 2007 and is now one of the prime online stores for the customers across India. The organization is registered in Singapore by has its headquarters at India’s silicon valley Bangalore, Karnataka.

Flipkart was based on the idea of providing the country’s people with their kind of choices, preferences, and tastes. Flipkart has made this big after overcoming various challenges. Flipkart was launched back in 2007 when people used to shop in person at local markets and malls only. But the user-friendly website launch of Flipkart made e-commerce a boom in the country with the easy process of purchasing goods online.

Flipkart’s right of way 
This e-commerce joint offers an extensive range of goods of several varieties on its portal. One of the most striking features of the website is its user-friendliness. The website offers various filters to choose and surf, which lets the customer select the correct product. Flipkart also introduced services such as COD (i.e. Cash on Delivery), and payment by debit or credit cards at their doorsteps to convince and gain the trust of the consumers to buy goods online. As a matter of fact, Flipkart was the first e-commerce giant to implement the COD system in India.

With too much competition on the horizon, Flipkart also acquired certain e-commerce websites such as and and many more. These acquisitions helped them to increase their customer base and quality of service they would deliver to their customers. Today, Flipkart is one of the largest online stores which delivers goods from sectors such as electronics, beauty and personal care, books, furniture, home appliances, home accessories, apparels, sporting goods, stationery, and much more.

Working of Ekart- Logistics Backbone
Delivering the product on time was one of the challenges that Flipkart took very seriously and has always sustained a better supply chain management system after launching their own supply chain with the name ‘Ekart’.  In order to make an impact, Flipkart launched their own logistics company Ekart to cop up with the remote deliveries and pricing issues challenges.

● Whenever any customer places an order with their account on Flipkart, the information about the product and customers details are sent to the Ekart executive and also to the seller of the product.

● The seller then packs up the product with Flipkart provided packaging material and then hands it over to the Ekart executive or delivery person.

● This product is then sent through various means to the customers provided an address as soon as possible.

● Though many times, the products can also be packaged and transported directly from the Ekart inventory, if the product is available at their inventory base. In this way, the delivery time is reduced and hence the delivery can be made fast. This procedure has been named as ‘Flipkart advantage’, under which Flipkart stores certain high priority products in their logistics warehouses and deliver the product within twenty hours too. This facility is available only in some of the metro cities.

● Flipkart ensures its product delivery on time with their amazingly organized logistics system and enthusiastic delivery boys and executives.

● Flipkart Latest Deals and Coupons Code

Offers by Flipkart
In order to attract more customers and drive them to purchase products, online Flipkart ensures to launch the various sales of the products with attractive offers. The offers can be availed by each customer while purchasing any of their favorite products from the website. Many times instant off on any product can also be availed by paying online via digital wallets, credit cards, debit cards or net banking. Most of the offers that Flipkart puts on are in the categories of apparels and electronic goods since the rate of purchasing is high in this two sector.

Snapdeal has been in the e-commerce sector since 2010. It was founded by Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl to deliver Indian consumers with all daily life and high-end products on their doorsteps. The website offers products from around 800 plus categories, which are sell by around three lakh sellers. The reach of Snapdeals supply chain includes 6000 cities and towns in India. This e-commerce website offers organized products distributed within six categories, which are

● Fashion (which includes Women’s fashion, Men’s fashion, Jewellery, Bags and Luggage, and sports products for fitness and outdoor activities,

● Electronics & Mobiles (which includes mobile phones, mobile accessories, covers, cases, laptops, audio and video devices, refurbished products, cameras and its accessories, personal care electronic appliances, televisions and much more),

● Home & Living (which includes home decoratives, tools and hardware, home appliances, pet supplies, furniture, kitchen appliances, home furnishing, kitchenware and much more),

● Daily needs (which includes general wellness products, personal care, grooming products, beauty products, household essentials, food and gourmet, supplements and much more),

● Baby & Kids (which includes clothing for kids as girls and boys, their footwear, toys, watches, prams and baby gear, stationary and much more),

● Other categories on Snapdeal includes Automotive, Gaming, Music and Movies, Books, Hobbies, Online Education, Gift Cards and Musical instruments.

Snapdeal Discounts Promo code and Latest Deal

Snapdeal’s Logistics
Snapdeal understood the necessity and importance of supply chain management and logistics, therefore they bought shares in the logistics brand GoJavas. With their logistics partners, Snapdeal has made sure to deliver the impact in its beginning phase. Moreover, in order to equal and raise the standards of delivery time to that of other e-commerce websites demanded Snapdeal to even acquire Gojavas.

Snapdeal with Gojavas also offers cash on delivery, and follows a proper VAT regulation, road distribution network, tracks appropriate reverse logistics and hire skilled manpower for the delivering the products safely to the person ordered it. They have a slogan on their website as India’s fastest online shopping destination, which they try to sustain with their on-time delivery system.

Snapdeal’s snappy Deals
Snapdeal also has some amazing deals for their customers with amazing instant discounts on various products by paying the requisite amount through payment gateways or either of the debit or credit cards. Snapdeal has a special section on their website which is particularly dedicated to all kinds of offers. This offer section on the website is well organized and offers amazing deals based on the time of the year (such as summer deals and winter deals are made available during their season). The offers are also particularly made festival specific.

Snapdeal also has a ‘Deals of the Day’ section, under which they sell several products at quite a less rate than at usual. These deals are well thought, therefore are quite attractive and pocket-friendly.

ShopClues is an electronic commerce firm which welcomes happiness, smiles, styles, and fashion through their online portal. ShopClues is a portal which has been operating since 2011 on ‘managed marketplaces’ model. This model is basically based on the idea of providing a platform to the sellers and the buyers to establish a connection between themselves for the purchase and this is what ShopClues does. ShopClues offers their own logistics service to the sellers for all product deliveries in around 9500 cities in India.
Shopclues also widen their customer reach by providing an amazingly user-friendly platform and portal to the online consumers. Yet again, ShopClues also has a proper diversified category for all the products. For instance,

● The ‘Men’ category includes All clothing (with further subsections of sweatshirts, jackets, innerwear, jeans, t-shirt, ethnic wears and much more), All Footwear (with further subsections for formal shoes, slippers, boots, ethnic, sandals and floaters and much more), Mens watches, Rainwear, Jeans store, Trend diaries, Couple watches et cetera.

● The ‘Mobiles’ category comprises of sections such as All Mobiles Phones (which has unboxed mobiles, refurbished mobiles, smartphones and feature phones as its subsection). Power banks, OTG Pendrives and Top Brands are also some other subsections under this category. Moreover, the consumer can shop and surf through products selecting the proper price range of their choice.

● ShopClues also offers an amazing feature of selling and purchasing of refurbished or renewed electronic gadget on its portal. The ‘Re-New Gadgets’ category is specially dedicated to this cause and offers various jaw-dropping deals, refurbished laptops and unboxed mobiles and laptops at less price.

ShopClues Offers
ShopClues apart from providing a platform for the connection establishment between the sellers and purchasers for the deal also offers several kinds of offers on their website. They have amazing deals for the refurbished mobiles and laptops and also avail several limited period stock offers, which are generally for the electronic products. ShopClues even has a wholesale category, with which even the local and small retailers can purchase items. ShopClues offers several sales on festival days and weeks.

They avail several top offers on major and exclusive brands of lifestyle products, electronic products, and on many homes and kitchen products. Availing discounts through various kinds of coupons can also be ‘voot voot’ moment for the consumers shopping from Shopclues platform since it offers several coupons based on the minimum purchase of the order. ShopClues is, therefore, one of the most feasible and apt online portals for both retailers and purchasers.

Tata CLiQ
Tata CLiQ can issue you your online shopping cart. They have got everything you can ever ask for- Garb, shoes, sandals, electronics, watches, ornaments, and electronic appliances. Like the name suggests, this online shop is owned by the TATA Industries along with Trent, who is the retail stamp of the group. They have also got the added benefit of Microsoft having teamed up with by starting up its Microsoft Online Store by getting their products on board. This included their tablets, PCs, software and other gadgets. This was in 2016 and in the same year, they got Lava International in their bag who got the A82[3] and X46[4] smartphones happily in Tata CLiQ’s case.

● Why is Tata CLiQ one of the most favored?
Obviously, we tend to flock toward the shop that has got the most interesting offers, isn’t it? We like to consider quantity over quality, don’t we (most of the times, anyway…)? There is no need to have a split-moment because Tata CLiQ serves its customers with only the finest. But the best thing is you get it at really remarkable offers and that’s saying a lot. Surely, your ears must have perked up at the word offers?

Tata CLiQ showcases the branded items in their shop so you don’t need to worry if any discount is a way to get rid of a damaged item. Now, this is a misconception that most of the customers have watered in their minds. There is no such thing. And even if there is a scratch or a dent, they have a return policy that would come to your aid if you can manage to get in touch with them about the issue within a set time. Apart from that, they have got seamless payment methods like cash on delivery, payment by Debit/Credit card which is just the icing on the cake.

● Delivery Modes Available at Tata CLiQ
The delivery modes at Tata CLiQ are three-
1. Standard Delivery- The delivery is completed within 8-9 business days.
2. Express Delivery- The delivery is completed within 1-2 business days.
3. CLiQ & PIQ- Through this, you can order online and collect your item from the store within 1-2 business days.

● Interesting Offers 
Their offers are plain incredible. You don’t have to worry if you might miss out on a rare offer as you can subscribe to their website. Every time they launch an item that carries an offer you’d otherwise kill a bird for, you’ll get an email alert. Easy peasy.

Starting from ethnic wears, appliances, footwear, memory cards, storage devices, watches, power banks, air fryers, and ending at fashion sales on any day, this is magical land in simpler terms for you. They have got round the clock offers that ensure you have a list right within the grasp of a few mouse clicks, and that will soothe out things for you which is even better. The list would have the best deals of the day. You won’t need to grapple around looking for discount sales, shopaholics!

Here is an online vendor for books, electronics, and automobiles. Are you one of those who likes to walk in and out of bookstores in search of books at a cost that you can afford? Well, here is Infibeam to your rescue! It has got a seal of the deal offers on a daily basis and it covers a range of products at that. From fashion, gadgets (including the rage, iPhone 8), televisions, and books, it misses out nothing else. Their slogan Shop With A Smile is only so apt!

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, but with sister offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, it has got 1300 employees to serve its customers.

● Varied Payment Options
Infibeam strives to appease its customers and the process of buying on their portal is entirely hassle-free. As they have got Cash on Delivery option, Net Banking, payment via Debit Card or Credit Card, it only goes on to show how the user doesn’t need to get out of his house to do the needful. Instead, a few taps would do.

● Magic Box Offers
They have got their own magic box that’s always brimming with sparkling offers, just for you! You can subscribe to their website so that you know when the box is filled with an exciting item at an exciting prize to get you excited.

They include subjects from every category in the box, like books, electronics and appliances, gadgets, and whatnot. This is where you pay less, and get more, friends.

● Hot Deals
This is where you grab the newest releases- Whatever it may be, an automobile or a book, or even an iPhone at the loveliest of prices. This applies to air-conditioners, air-coolers, hard drives, academic book, etc.

● Free Shipping
If you purchase an item for Rs. 500 or more, you get the free shipping on the same day! Until or unless you cancel your order, you only have to count 500 or so dimes to pay the delivery boy when he rings your bell.

And with that, all you have to do is sign up on these websites and start browsing. Add what you like to your cart and start saving.
Happy shopping!

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